Saturday, August 12, 2017

If Happiness Was a Daffodil (Poem)

In an effort to organize and collect all the poems I've written throughout the years I've decided to share them here.  Most of my poems come a little at a time and sometimes I think they are never done- growing and changing for years. Sometimes it easy to share our talents into adulthood when it's beautiful paintings or musical abilities.  When I was younger I shared my writings often and easily in contests, public readings and classroom settings but now those opportunities are few and far between so bear with me since I'm a little rusty. I thought I'd start with some poems from my youth since that seems to be getting further and further away ;)

If Happiness Was A Daffodil
by Julia Baker  (2002)

If happiness was a daffodil
and all the world a sky,
so small might seem the joyous moments-
in wind briefly pass by.

Tossed back and forth.
Stomped to the Earth
under storms of snow and feet.
So may our soul depleted feel until our spring we meet.

To bring to us our life renewed,
and of God teach through words of kind.
To fill our path with memories
planting daffodils in our mind.

But just as spring rotates the earth
joy is called to other places.
And I know those children need you too
to teach them of God's graces.

How I need you, how I search for you.
Sometimes elusive I feel that you are.
But you're a friend to me in spite of that-
for, like spring, your return isn't far.

And upon each winter's completion
you've planted me in nectar's eye.
With each sorrow passed I more clearly know
the daffodils in which I lie.

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